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      Club News Archive



79: 2013 April 2013 Point score results now available Click here

78: 2013 Manchester & District 2013 Autumn Swimming Meet  Click Here for entry forms and event information. Forms to Liz Kearslake by 19th August.

77: 2013 Point score schedule changed for groups 1 & 2. Click Here

76: 2013 November 2012 Point score results now available Click here

75: 2013 Coach Harriet's team win teachers Gala. Well done to everyone who took part.

74: 2012 Annual Gala  Finals Night results Click Here

73: 2012 Senior Heats results and finals lane seeding  Click here

72: 2013 Thank you from Alan & Ruth Fennell Click Here

71: 2012 2012 Junior Heats results and finals lane seeding  Click Here

70: 2012 Style Gala results : Winners & Results

69: 2012 September Point Score result snow available  Click here

68: 2012 June 2012 Point score results now available Click here

67: 2012 Chairman of Derbyshire County Council George Wharmby and his wife attend recent home league gala. 66: 2012 May 2012 point score results now available Click here

65: 2012 Updated April 2012 Points score  results now available  Click here

64: 2012 March 2012 Points score results  now available Click here

63: 2012 New Mills session times have changed Click Here

62: 2012 Midland  Region Youth and Age group qualifying times. Click Here

61: 2012 Stockport  Metro Mini Meet  Grand Prix Series 2011 - 2012 Entry & Event Information

60: 2012 2012 Derbyshire County Qualification times now available. Click Here  Entry forms and information available Here

59: 2012 Coach Jackie’s team win Annual Coaches Gala. Over 80 children attended, what was a fantastic competition. Well done to all who took part.

58: 2012 2012 Cheshire County Qualification Times now available Click Here

57: 2012  Northwest Regional Age / Youth 2012 Qualification times now available Click Here

56: 2012  2012 British Championships/Olympic Trials and National Age and Youth qualifying times now available Click Here

55: 2012  Blast from the past. Water Polo at Glossop Pool in the 1950’s Image

54: 2012  The club will be closed on the 27th January 2012 due to Annual Scout Gala.

53: 2011  Latest 2011 Annual Gala attendance  figures,  (up to the end of August) Click Here.

52: 2011  Final  point score of 2011  will be held on Friday 23rd September.

51: 2011 July Point score now available .Click here

50: 2011  June point score is now available Click here

49: 2011  July point score date changed from Friday 22nd July to Friday 15th July.

48: 2011 Club  Shop now carries a stock of bags and popular kit sizes. For name printing please allow one week.

47: 2011 May Promotions and point score now available Click here

46: 2011 There will be no swimming club sessions on the 28th June due to the club hosting a Manchester & District  League Gala.

45: 2011 Age group swimmers who have gained further Regional and National qualification times please forward details to Ian at the web site.  Check Qualifiers

44: 2011 April Point score now available Click here

43: 2011 High Peak Sharks  events updated. Click Here

42: 2011 2011 Championship Qualifiers page updated 13th April . Click Here

41: 2011 March 2011 Point score results now available Click here

40: 2011 Latest 2011 attendance figures Click Here.

39: 2011 Next Point score Friday April 8th 2011. 7:15 PM start. No widths session will be held  on this night.

38: 2011 Both New Mills training sessions are cancelled on Saturday 26th March.

37: 2011 Important Notice To All Swimmers: Club Membership Renewals  are now due. Membership renewal must be submitted  to Liz before  March 5th 2011 . Click Here for forms and       fees.

36: 2011  First Point score of 2011 will be held on Friday 4th March. For further details please check the Club Events tab. There will be no widths session on this night.36. 2011 Gala sub       committee meeting 8pm Thursday 10th March at the George Hotel Glossop.

35: 2011 Sharks competition calendar now available  under High Peak Sharks menu.

34: 2011 M&D fixtures now available in External Events menu and calendar.

33: 2011 M&D Team Gala at home, Tuesday February 8th, check team selection sheet at club.

32: 2011 There will be no swimming club sessions on Tuesday February 8th 2011 due to the club hosting a Home venue M&D Team Gala.

31:  2011 GASC Teachers meeting to be held at St Philip Howard School at 7.30pm on 7th February 2011.

30: 2011 Annual General Meeting is to be held  at the George Hotel Glossop on Thursday 3rd February  2011 at 8pm. Come along and have a say in your club.

29: 2011 The club tryout night planned for the 14th January 2011 has been cancelled due to it clashing with the Manchester & District Age Group Championships.

28: 2010 October  2010 Point score results are now available Click here

27: 2010 New club training times  will start at New Mills in the new year  Click Here For details.

26: 2010 Annual Gala photos available in Gallery.

25: 2010 Annual  presentation night tickets  now available at club. Adults £6, Children £4, Family 2 x Adults &  3 x Children £20.

24: 2010 Annual presentation night 10th December , Glossop Cricket Club at 8pm.

23: 2010 The Teachers Gala organised for the 3rd  December has been cancelled.

22: 2010 The Style Gala on the 24th November has been cancelled until the New Year, new date to be confirmed.

21: 2010 Calling all members, please keep this web site up to date. Please submit  any items for the web site, regarding the club or its swimmers via the ‘contact us’ page.

20: 2010 Manchester  & District  Swimming Championship results  Click Here

19: 2010 Scouts Gala will take place on 19th November, there will be no club swimming on  this date.

18: 2010 Annual Gala results now available  Click Here

17: 2010  Gala: Competitor refunds  Click Here

16: 2010 July point score now available Click here

15: 2010 Teachers  Gala date confirmed as the 3rd December.

14: 2010 Can all  trophy winners from last years Gala return them to Jackie Christie Lowe at the club as soon as possible.

13: 2010 Final Point score of 2010 this Friday 22nd October.  Start time 7.30pm. There will be no  widths session on this night.

12: 2010 Good luck to all swimmers at this weekends (16th October) Manchester & District Swimming Championships.

11:  2010 Volunteers required for club Gala. Click here

10: 2010 Gala qualification, club attendances 2010  Click here.  

9:   2010 Schools  Gala practice night  Tuesday 28th September, £1 entry per swimmer, Juniors  8.00 - 8.45pm, Seniors 8.45  - 9.30pm

8:   2010 M&D Division 2 Team Final is to take place on Sunday 26th September at Broughton Pool.

7:   2010 The club re-opens for training on Tuesday 7th September.

6:   2010 All swimmers competing in the 2010 Manchester & District Swimming Championships.  Entry forms   are to be returned to Liz  before 10th September.

5:   2010 M&D Division 1 Final is to take place on the 5th September at Broughton Pool.

4:   2010 All swimmers competing in the M&D Division 1 final on Sunday 5th Sept. The team coach will leave Glossop town hall car park at 1 pm prompt.  Please inform Jason or Liz if you       are making your own way there.

3:  2010 The Club closes on Friday 13th August, after training. Have a good break.

2:  2010 July  Point score date changed to July 16th.

1:  2010 June Point score results now available in Club Events area.

Club News Archive
Club News Archive